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Koohi Goth Hospital is the project of Zafar & Atia foundation

The hospital is supported by National Health Forum (USA) and Pakistan National Forum on Women health.

Starting from an ambitious dream of a woman, Koohi Goth Hospital is today the hub of health care facilities to millions of underprivileged patients.

Koohi Goth was initiated when Dr Atia Zafar, after migrating to Pakistan in 1948, could not bear to see the horrific suffering of poor women in the country. She decided to change their destiny and started her educational career with the help of her husband Syed Abu Zafar. There was a time when she and her eldest son, Dr Syed Tipu Sultan, were studying medicine at the Dow Medical College, Karachi at the same time.

After completing her doctorate, Dr Atia Zafar initiated her medical career by establishing a small clinic in 1965. This clinic, with time turned into the Atia General Hospital. After the success of the Atia General Hospital, Dr Atia focused on her ambition to establish an institute that solely focuses on women’s health. This was the beginning of Koohi Goth Hospital. nulla pariatur.

Our Mission
Improving access to routine obstetrical care and providing lifesaving support to pregnant women who die because of un availability of skilled staff and drugs.

Koohi Goth Women Hospital focused on the taboo disease known as the Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF), Recto Vaginal Fistula (RVF) and other gynae related problems, today this facility provides general healthcare to a vast number of patients other than RVF and VVF patients. The deserving patients receive free medical care including the surgeries, food, medicine, testing and stay during the recovery process.

Our Vision
To develop a hospital for vulnerable communities where state of art health services will be available free of cost to the poor women and children.

Koohi Goth Women Hospital is the only charity fistula treatment center in South Asia, providing state of the art laparoscopy surgery and fistula management training. 

Dr Tipu Sultan


Dr. Syed Tipu Sultan is the President of the Board of Koohi Goth Charities. He is the Chancellor of the Malir University of Science & Technology. His list of accomplishments is substantial. He has served as head of anesthesiology as well as medical superintendent at Karachi’s Civil Hospital. He has also been principal of Dow Medical College and dean of the faculty of anesthesiology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. He was the first Principal of Bahria Medical University and helped setup the new college. Among his professional contributions as head of anesthesiology at Civil Hospital, Dr. Sultan is especially proud of setting up its ICU facility, which he accomplished through private donations and a headstrong organization in 1991. It became the first-of-a-kind in the local public health sector, equipped with technology and systems for modern management of critical illness. This spirit of service also motivated Dr. Sultan during the devastating earthquake of October 2005 when he was active in medical relief, and coordinated the proper treatment of several individuals with complex, crippling injuries. Despite Dr. Sultan’s other interests, medicine dominates his home. His wife is a child specialist and both his sons are physicians, one specializing in orthopedics and the other, like his father, in anesthesiology. Dr. Sultan has been active in the organization “International Physicians to Prevent Nuclear War” and was President of South Asian Chapter of the organization.

Dr Shershah Syed

Chief Executive

Dr Shershah Syed, the president of Pakistan National forum on women health is the biggest strength of this entire project. His experience and a long history of treating women with Obstetric Fistula is not only limited to Pakistan. He has performed countless surgeries all over the world. His passion to help give rise to a healthier nation brought him back to the country where he engaged in providing full time services to Koohi Goth Women Hospital. Under his leadership, Koohi Goth Women Hospital has caught the attention of several internationally renowned surgeons that often visit the facility and perform surgeries completely free of cost.

Their mission is to ensure good health especially for these women by eradicating such complications which are now non-existent in the developed world. We are not only focusing on medical facilities for poor patients but also ensuring the reach of medical care to women in remote and under developed areas.

Koohi Goth Army

Thanks for all you do! We couldn’t get along without you.

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