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Established “by scientists, for scientists,” the Koohi Goth Publishers (KGP) is focused on being a prominent publisher of innovative open access journals and books. KGP follows the international scientific community to produce quality content of its publications by a diverse set of authors and researchers. Through its Research and Technical Development department, the organization, involved in various publications focusing on disseminating and supporting the academic publishing ecosystem. We publish scholarly journals, books and digital resources in the health and social sciences; with the team of finest experts providing in the editorial board, we are keen on serving the scientific/research community. KGH encourages submissions from developing and underdeveloped countries to bridge the gap in education and science and open it globally. To deepen the understanding of the research communities that we serve, we aim to build journals that are just as diverse and inclusive. As a responsible organization, we see it as our duty to promote responsible and ethical practices to ensure a bright future for a better scientific approach.

Journal of Nurses and Midwives Pakistan (JNMP) contributes to the progression of evidence-based nursing, midwifery, and healthcare by publishing high-quality research and with the potential to advance knowledge for practice, education, management, or policy.
Dr Shaheen Zafar
Editor In Chief

Journal of Nurses and Midwives Pakistan (JNMP)

JNMP aims to promote communication among Nursing & Midwifery researchers worldwide. JNMP’s intended readership includes practicing nurses and midwives in all spheres and at all levels who are committed to advancing practice and professional development based on new knowledge and evidence.


Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Education

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Education offers an inspiring and incisive analysis of existing debates, concerns, interventions, and initiatives and provides a wealth of evidence, research, information, and ideas to those in both the theory and practice of Medical and Health education.

Our main objective is to provide a journal that will publish an extensive range of fine research into medical and health education from this region to a large readership.
Dr Sadaf Akbar
Editor In Chief
The Pakistan Journal of Ethics aims to provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals as well as theologians, philosophers, and sociologists to present and discuss their ideas from several aspects in relation to medical ethics and bioethics.
Dr Obaid Ali
Editor In Chief

Pakistan Journal of Ethics

The Pakistan Journal of Ethics (PJE) aims to help students and health care professionals navigate ethical decisions in service to patients and society. Physicians and health practitioners always deal with ethical issues in the treatment and management of diseases. The advent of new biomedical technologies further complicated the moral and societal issues of medical research and practice. Religious and cultural differences more emphasize the need for nationalizing this knowledge.

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